Tune into On the Flow, powered by AWWA - a podcast exploring the worldwide traditions of periods. In a world where we’re so ‘connected online’ we’ve become disconnected to our self. On The Flow explores reconnecting you to your cycle with a line up featuring powerful and interesting guests interviewed and presented by Hana Tapiata.


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BT&T November 2021: What role should ads on social media platforms play in advancing social progress

Spinoff November 2021: Banned ad reveals persistent shame about period blood

The Unlock Earth Podcast October 2021: Embracing Sustainable Period Underwear & Tackling Period Poverty with COO Kylie

Stuff Lifestyle October 2021: Raising a cheer for period undies

Viva October 2021: Ethical Underwear Brand Awwa Aims To Address The Stigma Surrounding Periods

The Edge October 2021: Facebook claims NZ period underwear ad was banned for "shocking, sensational content" for showing real menstrual blood

FENNEC October 2021: Period ad too bloody real for Facebook 

Newshub October 2021: Facebook counters claims it 'banned' NZ period underwear as showing menstrual blood for 'shocking, sensational, content'

StopPress October 2021: AWWA 'bloody' period brand as banned on Facebook

Stuff October 2021: Facebook bans NZ period underwear as over use of real blood

Capsule October 2021: Violence, Mutilation, Torture... Periods?

TVNZ October 2021: Underwear brand challenges "the norm" on period advertisement 

Apparel Magazine October 2021: Facebook Bans Commercial, Perpetuates Stigma

Miss FQ October 2021: People who menstruate deserve their experiences to be normalised

Ethical Made Easy 2021:Sustainable period underwear brands for a no-waste period

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The Mercast Podcast: Indigenous solutions to modern period problems

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Ensemble December 2020: Period undies reviewed, for the uninitiated

Express December 2020: Taking Pride in Periods

Woman November 2020: AWWA founders fighting against period stigma

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Good Magazine September 2020: new eco period underwear launches for spring

The Project September 2020: Meet the teens taking on period poverty

Stuff August 2020: AWWA Co-Founder Michele Wilson - "Māori are innovators and it's time we are recognised for it."

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Ethically So December 2019: 2020 the year of change 

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Stuff February 2019: AWWA: the new business providing an alternative to single use menstrual products

The Spinoff October 2018: "I tried New Zealand's first brand of period proof underwear"



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