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Period-Proof Bikinis

Viva Beauty & Wellbeing Section, written by Janetta McKay

With summer coming, the team behind period knickers have turned their attention to special swimwear, designed to make menstruating women feel more confident about leaping into the water. AWWA’s Ebony Bikini is a natural evolution from the brief and high-waisted period knickers launched almost a year ago after a Kickstarter campaign by founders Kylie James and Michele Wilson.

The women wanted to provide a practical, less wasteful way for women to manage their periods by selling absorbent washable underwear. A part of their business model is donating to charities that deal with period poverty. AWWA wants to change the conversation around periods from stigma to pride and to especially encourage teenagers to feel more secure about staying active. The briefs and high-waisted knickers and now the new Period Proof Bikini can be worn also by those dealing with bladder leakage, post baby or just for added confidence.

Thanks to the slim but layered wicking fabrics used the bottoms can absorb more than a tampon’s worth of flow. Depending on how heavy your periods are, they can be used as an alternative to pads, tampons and cups, or in conjunction with them.

The slip-on bikini is made from quick-dry UPF50+ material, with tops and bottoms able to bought separately, in sizes from XXS to XXL.

The period proof bikini set costs $99. 

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