Female founders

Revolutionising how we period

The founders, Michele and Kylie
For many of us, how we talk about our own period and what we learned when that day came, is so very different to how it was spoken about by our Tipuna (ancestors). As mothers to daughters, we wanted to advocate for, break down the barriers, and unpack the stigma around periods that we have all faced. To create a more empowering, more sustainable, and a more beautiful future. 

AWWA is derived from the Māori word 'awa' meaning river or flow. Māori referred to their period as te awa atua - the divine river, and this is the foundation of our brand. AWWA offers a world where every person can feel divine and empowered during their period. 

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A modern alternative to traditional period products 
We provide people of all shapes, sizes, and identifiers with innovative, sustainable products to effectively manage their periods.

Our better for you range of comfy reusable period absorbent undies, thongs, boxer briefs and swimwear removes the hassle, waste and disruption from your period day.  AWWA's innovative sustainable fabric technology uses four super absorbent, moisture-wicking, anti-microbial and leak resistant protective layers to keep you dry all day long. Simply wear, rinse, wash, and reuse AWWA for an easier way to period.

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Made with care. Care for you, care for the earth
From the natural, organic and recycled fabrics we use, ensuring the underwear are free from harmful chemicals, to the ethical makers in our supply chain and our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. We aim to live by our sustainable mission. 

Together we have saved over 35 million single-use pads and tampons going to landfill (figure from inception to end of FY23 financial year). This increases with every new customer.  
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Ending period poverty
Everybody should have the opportunity to manage their periods with dignity which is why we donate 2% of our annual revenue by way of product donations to help end period poverty in New Zealand. 
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More than your flow
Our absorbent technology supports you through pregnancy and incontinence. Making us period proof, postpartum proof and pee proof with a range of absorbency levels and styles to suit you.
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