Why you need period undies in your life

How do you period?

Let’s talk about it. 

It’s time to unpack the stigma around periods and reconnect mensurators to their cycle. As a society, we’re finally letting the conversation flow on this totally natural, inevitable, and healthy experience (about bloody time, too). 

For so many of us, our first period experience involved awkwardly strapping a pad to our undies, which felt like a bulky diaper, that we were 99% sure was visible to everyone. It’s time for us to flip the switch on menstruation messages and start defining menstruation for ourselves. It’s time to change the narrative for future bleeders. 

So, we’re here to talk about an alternative period product that is changing the game. 

Say hello to period undies. 

What’s period underwear?

Just like your normal underwear, only better. Much better… We’ll explain – period underwear looks and feels just like any other pair from your undies drawer, but has ultra-absorbent layers that keep you dry. 

AWWA period underwear (like our super popular cotton brief style) can hold and absorb up to five regular pads or tampons worth of flow.

Yep, we said five.

That was an easy question. Now for some of the hardballs...

Are period undies sanitary?

Absolutely. With antimicrobial and moisture-wicking technology, our period underwear fights off bacteria and smells, to keep you dry and feeling fresh.

At the end of your wear, just rinse them and throw them in the wash. Easy. 

They don’t leak, do they?

It’s a fair question. It’s probably the most common one too! Every period underwear newcomer’s fear is about that dreaded cheeky leakage. But we’re pleased to say no, you and your period are 100% safe with AWWA. A leak-resistant barrier keeps everything contained – so you can confidently wear those cute white jeans you love, no matter what time of the month. We have a range of flattering cuts to suit every flow type and body shape. To prevent spills and feel your best, however, it’s important to choose a pair that matches your flow (we’ve got packs for all).


Does period underwear smell?

Great question, and we’re extremely happy to say – no! All that antimicrobial and moisture-wicking tech we mentioned that keeps everything sanitary also prevents odours. Because the fluid is drawn away from your body and trapped in the lining, meaning the top layer (against your skin) is always dry, and odour-free. Win-win!

So, they don’t feel wet?

Nope, not as long as you wear the right underwear for your flow, with the right level of absorbency. You’ll be totally covered, even on your heaviest days. Pretty impressive, huh? We think so, too.

But, of course, nobody knows your body as well as you do, so we’ve prepared this incredibly useful Know Your Flow quiz to help you find your perfect pair of period underwear. 

Will people know I’m wearing period underwear?

Not a chance. Our period undies are designed to look, fit and feel exactly like your regular underwear. Some might even say they’re more comfortable than your average pair. Guess you’d have to try and see?

And if they work for you, and they make you feel good, wouldn’t it be amazing to share it with your friends? 

Can I work out and live my best active life in period underwear?

Sure, you can definitely exercise in your underwear without worrying about leaks or discomfort. Remember, we mentioned that they feel just like regular undies!

That said... we recommend taking the time to listen to your body. Sometimes you just need to give yourself time to rest. If you’re suffering from low energy, cramps or other symptoms, slowing down and cutting yourself a bit of slack is often the best thing you can do. We’re here to normalise taking you-time on your period. 

But it must be hard to clean period underwear?

Uh-uh, easy easy easy. All you need to do is rinse them in cold water first, then chuck them in the (cold) wash with your other clothes – ideally, in a delicates bag. Skip the fabric softener, as it can strip away that hard-working antimicrobial and moisture-wicking tech, and dry in on the line (not the dryer) for the same reason.

That’s it. Easy, right?

Are they suitable for all ages?

Totally, you can wear period undies from your first period throughout your whole life. We’ve got a range of teen period underwear perfect for first bleeders and teens. 



Okay, so why do I specifically need AWWA period undies in my life?

So glad you asked. 

We’re a proudly Indigenous-owned, female-led business committed to opening the conversation and empowering everyone to manage their period in the best way for them.

Our underwear is designed in New Zealand and rigorously tested to ensure the very highest quality. ‘cause we know what’s at stake.

We make sure everything in the range is made ethically, in fair conditions, and we’re a carbon-positive business. We’ve offset our operation emissions to 120%.

And that’s on top of all the single-use period products we’re preventing from going into landfill and clogging our waterways (there’s a lot, the average menstruator will use over 11,000 disposable pads or tampons over a lifetime).

Finally, they’re just damn comfy, and should suit even the most sensitive skin.

So, once you found your perfect style, colour and type, the only question left is… how many pairs do you need?

(Hint: enough that with regular washing you’ve got at least one for every day of your period and a pair for overnight).

Take a look. 

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