Incontinence Underwear

Light bladder leaks and incontinence affects over 1 million Kiwis and over 4 million Australians.  It’s a topic that is spoken about even less than periods but can be very debilitating to everyday life.  At AWWA, we are passionate about making life easy and supporting all people and that’s why we have developed a range of underwear that help with minor bladder leakage.

AWWA can be worn everyday and are perfect if you experience bladder leakage whether it just be when you jump on the tramp, exercising or running!

Using an innovative new technology, our pee-proof underwear wicks moisture away from the body and locks it into the centre layer, meaning you feel dry and smell fresh all day long.

How Does AWWA work for bladder leakage?

Our innovative hi tech layers have been developed especially to absord fluid but keep you dry and fresh

1 - The top layer - sits closest to your skin and wicks moisture away fast and keeps you feeling dry. 

2 - An antimicrobial layer that fights odours and bacteria

3 - A super absorbent layer that safely holds 18 ml of fluid (that you do NOT feel)

4 - Bottom layer - is a leak proof barrier


Frequently asked questions about incontinence underwear that we’d love to clear up…

Do they smell? …Our high tech layers mean that all liquid and odour are locked in the middle layer so there’s no smell.

Do you feel wet wearing them? …Absolutely not!

How long can you wear incontinence underwear before changing them? …This comes down to what you’re comfortable with, but our underwear can hold up to 18ml so you should be able to wear one pair all day long.

I have bladder leakage post having children, are these suitable for me?  Yes!  In fact, you could consider wearing AWWA as your everyday underwear and use them for bladder leakage and your period too.

What AWWA styles do you recommend?… We recommend the Eva brief, Cotton Brief or Skye High styles