Swimming with your period - It's never been simpler

Wow! Google 'is it safe to go swimming with your period' and you'll find hundreds of questions from worried girls, wondering if you can  safely swim on your period, and how to manage your flow. 

Don't worry! We have the answers to all swimming with period questions! If we don't list yours here, comment below or message us and we will answer it!


Is it safe to swim on your period?

Absolutely. There is no reason that swimming with a period has any risk to your health, or anyone else's. 


Will my period stop when I go swimming?

No, although you might find that the bleeding slows or doesn't come out at all while you are in the water, which is either due to coldness constricting the blood vessels in the body or the water pressure. Everyone is different!


What is the best tampon to use when swimming?

Any tampon from a recognised brand is fine, although they can absorb a little water. You may prefer an organic brand to eliminate pesticide contaminated cotton, and avoid tampons with bleaches like dioxin.

Likewise, using a menstrual cup is perfectly safe while swimming with your period.


Which is the best pad to wear when swimming?

We don't recommend using pads when you swim on your ikura. They will simply absorb the water and make a thick soggy layer in your togs. 


Can I use period underwear when swimming?

Yeah you can!! We designed the AWWA period proof bikini so you can frolic on the beach, sunbathe and swim without leaks.

Our bikini holds 1 regular tampon worth of your flow so you will need to change into your AWWA period underwear (or spare AWWA bikini bottom!) when you would normally change your tampon.


What's the most ocean friendly period product for swimming?

Well, you know the answer to that one right? No single use 'disposable' period products here! Just slip your AWWA bikini into your wetbag, and pop it in your bag to wash later. Easy and eco.


Do sharks smell period blood?

They may be able to pick up the scent, but they don't interpret it as food - they actually scent for the specific amino acids coming from the blood and guts of marine animals. Also, our periods only leave the tiniest trace of blood in water, similar to a scraped knee or a toe cut on an oyster shell.


Will swimming help my period cramps?

Swimming on your period can help cramps! Gentle exercise often relieves period symptoms, such as cramps.


Will people be grossed out if I swim with my period?

No! Well, if they are it is their issue, not yours! Women have periods for around 1/6 of their adult lives, 5 days of every 28. We need to be able to enjoy ourselves in comfort regardless of where our cycle is. 


Is swimming with your period against Maori culture?

We loved the story of Wairaka, who was swimming at the mouth of the Tarawera river after the Mātaatua waka arrived in Bay of Plenty from Hawaiki. Her bleeding began, and when her father the Rangatira Toroa asked 'who’s ‘godly’ blood' it was, she replied and the place was named Te Awa a te Atua.

Being on your ikura is a special time in Maori culture, and menstural blood is tapu and special, given that it is linked to the story of Maui being crushed between the thighs of Hine Nui Te Po - "she then crushed him and made him the first menstruation to come into the world." (R. Pere, personal communication, July 11, 2010).” (Murphy 2013: 58) 

Because of this, menstrual blood is not supposed to flow into the ocean - so we believe it is culturally appropriate to retain your flow in your AWWA period bikini.  We respect all viewpoints however and if swimming on your period is not for you then we totally respect that too.


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