RECONNECTING SURVEY 2023: AWWA's Journey to Empower and Educate

At AWWA, we believe in more than just providing period care products. Our brand is a reflection of the intricate relationship between ourselves, our environment, and the planet. Rooted in Māori ancestry, where periods were revered as 'te awa atua' or the divine river, AWWA strives to create a world where every individual can feel divine and empowered during their period.

Our commitment goes beyond the individual; it extends to everyone across Aotearoa and around the world. We draw inspiration from the stories and practices of our tupuna, recognizing that the practices were unique to Māori but with the goal of educating all New Zealanders about understanding our ikura (period) and giving back to the community.

In 2023, we initiated a survey to understand how AWWA has impacted your ikura journey. Our mission is to break the stigmas and negativity associated with periods, fostering a reconnection to the sacredness of the cycle.

The results are heartening:

  • 75% of respondents reported feeling more connected to their cycle.
  • 87% shared a more positive attitude towards their ikura.

These numbers, while encouraging, are not the end goal. We aspire for these percentages to reach 100% in the not too distant future, making the reconnection to one's cycle an empowering and positive experience for all.

One respondent shared, "I feel like I think about my cycle more because I want to wear my AWWA period undies. I am happier about having a period because using the AWWA period undies make me feel at ease, so I don’t worry about any leakage."

Looking ahead to 2024, our key performance indicators (KPIs) remain steadfast:

  • 80% of people feeling more connected to their cycle.
  • 90% maintaining a more positive attitude towards their ikura.

To delve deeper into the insights and stories shared in our reconnecting survey, we invite you to read the full report here. Join us as we continue our journey to empower, educate, and reconnect individuals to the sacred rhythm of te awa atua – the divine river within.

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