Period Undies vs Reusable Pads: Which Is Right for You?

Even though our ikura is sacred, Cramps, bloating, and unexpected arrivals are well-known hassles for those who get  periods.

In 2018, 17.4 billion tampons were sold globally. That's a lot of plastic waste going straight into landfills. So is there an easy, eco-friendly way to handle menstruation? Yes!

Reusable pads and undies are some of the most convenient, sustainable options. Let's dive into the world of period management and learn about the benefits!

What Are Reusable Pads?

Reusable menstrual pads closely resemble disposable pads with a few key differences.

Because they are washable, you can reuse the same pads over and over. Just pop them into your machine on a delicate cycle or handwash! After they dry, you're ready to reuse.

You can use a "wet bag" to store the old pad when changing a reusable pad. A bonus feature is that they attach with snaps, so no nasty stickiness on your underwear.

The best reusable pads are made from 100% certified organic cotton. Even better if they're unbleached and contain no dyes or chemicals.

Although reusable pads have many benefits, there are some drawbacks:

  • carrying your used pad around until you get home
  • being confined to one or two styles
  • dealing with the bulky feeling in your undies
  • waiting for them to dry
  • forgetting to bring them with you

Benefits of Period Undies

With our environment facing so many issues, people are looking for no-waste options. Period undies have come out as one of the best solutions! The period underwear market has exploded and is expected to grow another 15.8% by 2030.

They look and feel a lot like regular underwear but can handle a heavy flow. Unlike reusable pads, they come in many different cuts, colours, and fabrics. You don't have to sacrifice style or comfort when it comes to these guys.

The three significant benefits of using period undies are sustainability, comfort, and convenience.


We all want to do our part to protect our planet. Contributing to plastic waste is not an option anymore. Period underwear is an extremely sustainable option.

Because these undies are designed for reuse, you're helping to reduce unnecessary waste. That's 350 million single-use products thrown into New Zealand landfills every year.

Sustainability doesn't stop with your purchase. We are committed to reducing factory waste created in the production process. Beyond that, AWWA undies are ethically made. We ensure that the people creating our products earn a living wage.

With every pair of AWWA underwear you buy, we donate 2% of the revenue towards ending period poverty in New Zealand. So you can feel even better wearing your undies!


Those who've never tried period underwear might get the wrong idea. Bulky, ugly, and uncomfortable? Absolutely not!

AWWA undies are as comfortable as your favourite regular pair. Although our products feature a four-layer system, the fabric is super slim. The layer closest to your skin is organic cotton to provide the most comfort.

Hipsters, thongs, briefs - whatever you're most comfortable with, we have an option! Our sleek styles also come in low and high-rise to better suit your needs. With sizes from 2XS to 6XL, anyone and everyone can rock AWWA underwear!


Carrying around tampons and bulky pads can be irritating. Forgetting to bring them with you at the most crucial time is even worse. There's nothing like the convenience of period undies to solve these problems. 

Period underwear, like our All Day series, can hold the same amount of blood as five tampons! Meaning you don't have to worry about a thing while you're at school, work, or taking on the world.

They're also easy to take care of. Just rinse under cold water and throw them in with your laundry. Line-dry to make sure the undies keep all their exceptional properties and to help the environment!

If you want to be totally prepared for your period week, buying a multi-pack set is the way to go. You never have to worry about needing a backup pair or if your undies have dried in time.

Period Underwear FAQ's

Period underwear newbies might have a few questions. That's totally normal. Let's look at the most common ones.

What's the Capacity?

AWWA styles come in light, moderate, and heavy absorbency. If you're unsure about your needs, take our Know Your Flow quiz. You can potentially use all three styles throughout your cycle.

  • light styles are equivalent to 1 tampon (6mL)
  • moderate undies are equivalent to 2 tampons (12mL)
  • heavy underwear is equivalent to 5 tampons (30 mL)

We also offer a teen and pregnancy range. So wherever you are in your life journey, you can feel comfortable during your period!

What Are the Materials?

AWWA undies come in a range of materials designed to suit your preferences. Our fabrics are dyed in Oeko-Tex certified mills meaning only the highest safety standards. You can find a pair made from:

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Tencel Modal
  • Recycled nylon

We believe in providing the most transparent information possible. You can explore the details of our traceable supply chain for every product. All information is fact-checked and easy to understand, from where the fabric was spun to where it was manufactured. 


Figures vary by location, but most of us spend over $6,000 on period products during our lifetime. Since disposable solutions are single-use, it's like throwing money right in the trash.

AWWA products range from $29 for a pair of briefs to $255 for a seven-pack set. If you consider the amount of wear and the reusable aspect, period undies win on the money front!

Finding the Right Period Management Product

Menstruation is a tiresome but inevitable part of life. Figuring out a care strategy that works for you can be a huge relief!

Whatever method you use now, period underwear and reusable pads can be great options. You can pair them with tampons or menstrual cups if that makes you feel more secure. Take control of your flow!

If you're curious about using AWWA undies or want to include them as part of your routine, browse our best sellers!

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