Period Sex: Yes Please or No Thanks?

Why period sex is a powerful time to have sex

Blood can be empowering—sexy even—if you let it. 

Let’s start off by smashing the stigma and shame around your period blood. It’s the human body, and periods aren’t a secret we have to keep! Menstrual blood is a totally natural fact of life, yet the perception that they are disgusting, harmful, and even dirty is rampant (and runs deep). A period is simply the body knowing it isn’t pregnant and so it sheds some extra blood, tissue, and proteins that would have otherwise nourished a developing embryo. P.S. What can’t the female body do?!

Menstruation can lead to many ups and downs, but it can also be a powerful time to have sex for all people involved, not to mention the multiple benefits. Women and people who bleed all have unique experiences during this time so remember you know what’s best for your body.

Let’s shed a little light on it all. Shall we?

Period sex: Is it worth it?

Getting it on - with a partner or yourself – can have real benefits, including:

1. Cramping relief

All hail one of the major potential benefits of period sex oxytocin, dopamine, endorphin-releasing orgasms! Those awful PMS-y symptoms, including menstrual cramps, are caused by the uterus contracting to shed the lining. Orgasms can relieve the tension in your muscles and flood the body with feel-good chemicals - nothing like a  natural painkiller to relieve cramps and irritability

 2. It’s a natural lubrication

Your menstrual fluid isn’t only healthy, but it’s a really great natural lubricant. Due to the menstrual blood and extra cervical mucus, you’ve got natural lubrication and more of it – no complaints here!

3. Creates depth in your relationship

Having sex during your period can help women and people who bleed feel connected to their partners on a deeper level. It’s a time when you can feel more open to sharing and can be incredibly special during lovemaking.

4. Increased sex drive means better sex!

Blood is a-flowin’ to the pelvic and genital regions leading to frisky feelings and an increased desire for sex. Many women and people who bleed feel more turned on and sexually aroused during their period, a.k.a high libido. Your uterus is heavy with blood and weighs down on your G-spot, creating heightened sensitivity, which explains a lot.



Period sex: It can get messy, so how do we do it?

Ready to get it on? Sure, it can be messy, but there are ways to make it work – from specially designed underwear to a bit of prep. Here are a few approaches to (less messy) period sex:

Shower sex

Get steamy without the mess! The shower is a great place to start exploring sex during your period. The flow of running water can help wash away blood as it appears, making cleanup a breeze. 

Bedroom sex

Sometimes a little pre-planning can be helpful, so you don’t have to worry about the mess. Dark towels are your friend! Grab one and place it down, fold it in half, and have some wipes handy. Stick to positions where you’re laying on your back or side. Remember, your cervix is lower and more sensitive during this time. If things start to hurt, communicate with your partner. 

Hot tip: It's easy to keep the sexy flow going with AWWA period underwear. Just slip them off, drop them over the side of your bed, and you're good to go! Period underwear looks and feels just like your normal underwear, but it is super absorbent, which is super handy (think: no more running off to the bathroom!).


Bottom line: even regular sex can get messy, so it's worth remembering: all fluids are our friends. They don't make the experience less satisfying or enjoyable, especially when they flow from both partners during lovemaking! 

When it comes to getting it on, listen to your body, and don't hesitate to be open with your partner about how you both feel.

So go ahead, enjoy the bloody hell out of your period.


Written by Melissa Vranjes, certified holistic sexuality & cycle coach. 

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