Meet our AWWA ambassador, Kayla Imrie

We are so excited to introduce you to Olympian Kayla Imrie, our newest AWWA ambassador!  We took some time with Kayla to ask her about why she loves wearing AWWA and what exciting plans she has this year.

Tell us why you decided to try AWWA.

I decided to try AWWA because I needed extra protection from flooding while using sanitary items during training. AWWA has given me the freedom to workout for 2+ hours without needing bathroom interruptions. Not to mention they are super comfortable and won't restrict me from any exercise in the gym! Win win! 

How do you use AWWA?

I use AWWA throughout my period. I have a condition called menorrhagia which is excessive blood loss meaning I visit the bathroom regularly. At its worst sometimes every hour! AWWA has given me the best gift of all - time! By using AWWA period proof underwear I don't need to visit the bathroom as often meaning I can get on with life. 

Why do you love AWWA?

I love everything AWWA is about. Not only do they provide a sustainable option for us wahine to manage our flow, but they're on a mission to make change. Period poverty in NZ is real. Some women and young girls struggle to afford sanitary items causing them to skip school or work. We're better than this! AWWA is paving the way to make change. 

What are you most excited for this year? 

Working towards my Tokyo Olympic dream! 

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