Kōrero with Eva: Teens and Period Care

Welcome to an inspiring and empowering video featuring Eva, the daughter of Michele, our AWWA CEO. Eva's enthusiasm and perspective on AWWA underwear are a breath of fresh air!

In this heartfelt video, Eva shares her genuine love for AWWA underwear, even before her "ikura" (period). Eva's openness and courage in gifting AWWA products to her friends and sparking open discussions are a testament to the positive change we can create in how we approach period care and education with teens.

🩲 AWWA for Teens: Discover how AWWA underwear empowers young individuals like Eva to embrace their bodies and start meaningful conversations about periods.

🌟 Normalizing Period Talk: Eva's story reminds us of the importance of normalizing period discussions, breaking taboos, and creating a supportive environment for teens.

👭 Share the Love: If you're a teenager or know a teen who could benefit from Eva's message, don't forget to share this video.

Let's inspire a new generation to feel confident and empowered in their bodies.

Join us in celebrating Eva's positive outlook, her love for AWWA, and her commitment to changing the narrative around periods for teens.


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