Exploring Free Bleeding and AWWA Period Underwear

In recent years, the conversation around menstruation has evolved significantly. People who menstruate are challenging societal norms and breaking the stigma associated with periods. 

One of the emerging trends in this movement is "free bleeding." This approach to managing menstruation advocates for letting your period flow naturally, without the use of traditional sanitary products like pads or tampons. In this blog, we'll delve into what free bleeding is all about and how AWWA period underwear can play a significant role in supporting this choice.

What is Free Bleeding?

Free bleeding is a menstrual practice that involves allowing menstrual blood to flow freely from the body, without the use of external products like pads, tampons, or menstrual cups. It's a choice rooted in bodily autonomy, comfort, and environmental consciousness. While it might sound unconventional, free bleeding isn't about being careless; it's a conscious decision that can empower individuals to embrace their bodies and challenge the societal norms surrounding menstruation.

A Brief History of Free Bleeding

The history of free bleeding, the practice of menstruating without the use of conventional menstrual products, has roots that trace back to pre-modern times when people relied on cloth or minimal protection during menstruation. In the 1960s and 1970s, it gained visibility within the feminist movement as a form of protest against societal norms and taboos surrounding menstruation. Contemporary interest in free bleeding has been driven by environmental concerns and a desire to challenge the menstrual product industry. While it remains a personal choice, it continues to spark conversations about menstrual health, sustainability, and cultural attitudes towards menstruation.

Why Choose Free Bleeding?

  • Comfort and Freedom: Many individuals find traditional menstrual products uncomfortable or restrictive. Free bleeding allows them to experience their natural bodily functions without feeling constrained.
  • Environmental Impact: Disposable sanitary products contribute to environmental pollution. By choosing to free bleed, individuals reduce their environmental footprint by eliminating the need for disposable products.
  • Body Positivity: Embracing free bleeding is a way to promote body positivity and self-acceptance. It challenges the idea that menstruation is something to be hidden or ashamed of.
  • Cost-Effective: Free bleeding can save money over time since it eliminates the need to purchase disposable menstrual products regularly.

AWWA Period Underwear and Free Bleeding

While free bleeding is a personal choice, some individuals prefer to have a safety net in case they experience heavier flow or want to avoid staining their clothes. This is where AWWA period underwear comes into play.

AWWA period underwear is designed to be a reliable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional menstrual products. 

Here's how AWWA can be a part of the free bleeding experience:

  • Leak-Proof Technology: AWWA period underwear is equipped with innovative absorbent technology that can handle various flow levels, providing peace of mind for those choosing to free bleed.

  • Comfortable and Discreet: AWWA period underwear is comfortable to wear, and its discreet design means you can go about your day without anyone knowing you're on your period.

  • Eco-Friendly: Just like free bleeding itself, AWWA period underwear is environmentally conscious. It reduces waste by eliminating the need for disposable products.

  • Easy to Clean: AWWA period underwear is easy to clean and maintain. Simply rinse them after use, and then toss them in the washing machine. No more buying and disposing of pads or tampons.

  • Variety of Styles: AWWA offers a range of styles and sizes to suit individual preferences, ensuring a comfortable and personalised experience.

Free bleeding is a personal choice that empowers individuals to embrace their bodies and challenge societal norms surrounding menstruation. While it may not be for everyone, those who choose to free bleed can find support in AWWA period underwear.

AWWA's leak-proof technology, comfort, eco-friendliness, and variety of styles make it a valuable addition to the free bleeding journey.

Ultimately, the freedom to choose how to manage one's period should be celebrated and respected, and AWWA period underwear is here to support those who choose to free bleed.

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