Did you feel special when you first got your period?

What were you taught when you first got your period, or what was your earliest memory of talking about your menstrual cycle?

We asked our AWWA followers over on Instagram these questions and the response was so interesting. We've included some of the responses below for you to have a read of. 

Reading them altogether we get a really strong theme of embarrassment and it drives us even more to change the narrative for our next generation.  Keen to hear your thoughts too.

"I remember trying to hide it from my dad (solo parent) because I was so embarrassed."

"First feeling was embarrassment. I was 10. It was a private subject at the time. Now I wear it with pride."

"I was excited! Felt like a grown up lol."

"I have always hated it and always will. It's so inconvenient and the feeling is disgusting."

"It was embarrassing / scary / annoying. I wish I had felt special."

"I learnt most things from magazines. You guys inspire me to do things better for my daughter."

"I was young and embarrassed."

"I have zero memories. That's how special it was. I plan on making my daughter feel special."

"My mum just gave me pads. I had to work it our for myself. She still hates periods."

"I was never taught about it so thought I was dying. Then was told just to use a rag."

"Mum had gone through a puberty book with me. Planned a woman's tea celebrating it."

"I cried and wished I was a boy."

"My dad bought one of every single use product just in case. He also tried to explain using his plumbing gear what was happening."

"Nana came up and hugged me when I couldn't go swimming with my cousins."

"I was 9. Fright of my life. Knew practically nothing about it. Just thought I was sick."

These really make you think, right?!

We'd love to hear your thoughts too!

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