A revolution for everyone, period. Find the same undies you know and love curated in our plus size collection.Ā 

AWWA sizing goes from 3XS to 6XL, with inclusive sizing across our full range of period underwear.

So, weā€™ve covered the size ā€“ but what about how the undies look? At AWWA, you can find the best plus-size period underwear that suits you no matter the cut or style you prefer. We have a wide range of options when it comes to that, from low-cut undies to boxer briefs, and even thongs.

If youā€™re a new user of period undies, leakage is an understandable fear. All of our plus-size period underwear provides 100% leak-proof protection with our innovative leak-resistant barrier design. We promise protection from leaks no matter what you do, whether you are simply chilling at home or working to make your dreams come true.

Comfort ā€“ check. Leak protection ā€“ check too. What about capacity? You donā€™t have to worry about that, either. Depending on the style you choose, our period underwear can hold up to the amount of five pads or tampons, meaning you can easily wear them for a full day.

All you need to do is make sure you select the right undies for your flow. If youā€™re not sure about your flow, our Know Your Flow quiz can totally help!

AWWA reusable period underwear gives you the confidence to go about your day stress-free from leakage or disposable period products. When shopping with AWWA, youā€™re supporting an Indigenous owned, female-founded business changing the way we period. If you want to find the best plus size underwear for you, shop our collection today! Read more about Plus Size PeriodĀ Underwear on our blog.