Period underwear with slim lines and super absorbency!

Our period proof panties are thinner than you think

Wearing AWWA period underwear is like slipping into your favourite bikini... but with soft, natural fibres against your skin! With sleek lines and thin fabric, you'll hardly know you're wearing period undies, and they definitely won't show through your clothing!

Many period undies have slightly bulky padded fabric between your legs and soak up the blood like a cleaning cloth would. Fair enough. But we wanted to go further than any period underwear has gone before!


AWWA uses innovative super absorbent fabric

Our bespoke fabric technology means that a thin layer of fabric can hold more... much more. Our period underwear holds 2 tampons worth of flow, without any bulky layers. Smart, stylish and comfy. 

There's more to the fabric in our period pants too... the absorbent layer is anti-microbial and leak-resistant so you feel fresh and dry and will notice no scent. They’re safe and easy to use, with no risk of toxic shock syndrome. 


We don't make light flow period panties... and there's a great reason

Our period underwear will absorb 2 tampon's worth of flow... and because we have created innovative super-absorbent super thin fabric layers, the gusset of these panties is so slender you won't notice the difference from normal knickers as you go about your day in AWWA!


There's even more to love about our period undies

The clever AWWA period underwear fabric is so simple to care for (rinse, machine wash, dry) and using period underwear saves you money and fuss every month.

Add to this the fact that our period pants are super snuggly soft to sleep in and won't leak when you lie down! Simply slip them on and sleep - no broken sleep from dashing to the loo in the wee hours. 

All these lovely stress-reducing benefits from our innovative fabric technology are almost too good to be true... but this is for real. Period knickers make periods better.


After all, that's the whole idea!

We want you to feel great, be confident, and take your flow in your stride, spending your period doing what you choose - a bush walk, a busy meeting or an indulgent lie in with chocolate and a book - without worrying about uncomfortable, expensive, unreliable period products. 

AWWA is here for you!


x Kylie & Michele 

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