Our Top 4 Favourite Free Period Tracking Apps

We've all been there.

You know the situation we're talking about - you're merrily living your life, and suddenly you feel oncoming cramps. Perhaps you have a headache. Or nausea.

Then you realize - it's time for your period. But you aren't prepared! You don't feel ready!

Instead of scrambling to find period care close to you, wouldn't it be fantastic if you could magically know when your time of the month was due? That's where period tracking comes in.

Below, we break down the basics of tracking your period and share the best period app trackers out there for your use. Let's get into it!


Benefits of Tracking Your Period

You no longer need diary entries or rough calculations in your head when it's period time. Nope, instead, there are so many period tracking apps out there that can make your life easier.

Let's look at the main benefits of keeping track of your monthly cycle:

  • Pattern tracking: Tracking your cycle will help you become more aware of more minor details in your cycle, such as approximate period length and which parts of your cycle cause certain symptoms
  • Ovulation: Tracking app features allow you to know when you'll be ovulating, which helps reconnect with your cycle by undoing stigma, shame, and taboo surrounding your period
  • Sex drive: Sexual activity and drive ebbs and flows with your cycle, so tracking your period is an easy way to know when you'll be in a high state of desire (or not)
  • Mood tracking: Hormonal changes can cause anxiety, depression, and irritability, so learning when these feelings might occur can be self-affirming
  • Health: You'll also have a better snapshot of your overall health, as departures from the usual pattern in your cycle may indicate poor eating, dehydration, or more

Using a combination of online apps and a good understanding of your body will put you in the best position to effectively manage your cycle. If you’re looking to try a natural approach to feel grounded and connected with your cycle, we have curated both high and low energy yoga rituals to help with this also! 

As you can see, tracking your period is beneficial for everyone! Not to mention, the next time you have a visit to the gynecologist scheduled, you're not scrambling to remember the date of your last period.

Are Period Trackers Accurate?

Science is still unclear if the tracking apps out there are accurate. It’s important to keep in mind that there is still some margin for error when it comes to the apps.

However, although the apps' predictability rating may be contentious, it is undoubtable that the self-tracking features provide users with comfort, ease, and accountability.

Apps for Tracking Periods

There are so many tracking app options out there to track your cycle. Which one should you pick? Below, we share our top four free favourite apps based on features, usability, and ease. 

1. Period Tracker Period Calendar

This app is excellent for the newbies out there. Navigating your first few periods is a challenging, confusing, and daunting experience. 

This app makes it more accessible by offering a clean and easy-to-understand interface. It also has lots of information and tutorials that will come in handy to learn more about your cycle.

However, a drawback is that it lacks more advanced features like birth control reminders and ovulation predictions.

2. Me V PMDD

This app is excellent if you want an overview of hormone-related changes (in addition to tracking flow and ovulation). Gynecologists recommend it for period symptom and experience tracking.

The scale system on the app tracks everything from focus and panic attacks to energy and acne to use pattern tracking to understand hormonal changes. Tracking using scales is forward-thinking, as experiences during our cycles are rarely a binary of 'yes' or 'no' - so much of it falls into the grey area in between.

People undergoing premenstrual dysphoric disorder will find this particularly useful.

The only drawback of this science-backed app is that it focuses more on the biological aspect of periods. There isn't much information given surrounding the experience. Thus, it isn't ideal for newbies to the cycle world.

3. Clue

Clue is essential in apps for iOS.

It is one of the most popular tracking apps due to the amount of data you can log into the interface. In addition, the app offers information and advice on different elements related to period care, including sleep and skincare.

Clue also has calendar predictions with notifications which make it easier to remember. It is also beneficial for those coming off birth control, as it offers many features to track the transition. 

One of the main drawbacks of Clue is that some features are hidden behind a paywall. You will likely be able to use most features freely, but advanced features will need to be paid for.

4. Spot On

Planned Parenthood created this app. As such, it focuses strongly on period accuracy.

It also aims to empower individuals in their cycle by educating them about their body, sex, and symptoms. It has a feature that will allow you to chat with licensed sex educators about any questions you may have.
In addition, the app offers features to track ovulation and symptoms, with even an IUD tracker that reminds you when it's time to manage your IUD.

A drawback of Spot on is that it doesn't offer advanced information about fertility and prediction tracking.

Period Tracking Is Key to a Simpler Cycle

Period tracking makes your monthly cycle so simple.

You will know when to expect your cycle and when it will end, helping you plan your life and arrange for products and care. You'll also have useful information as to when you'll experience cramps, body sensitivity, and more.

That's a win in our books!

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