Navigating Your Period at the Office: Tips and Tricks

Your period can be an added stressor in the already demanding environment of the office. Heavy periods, cramps, and period pain can make it difficult for you to focus and be productive at the office. 

But don’t worry. You’re not alone. We’re here to help manage your period and make it through the workday. 

How Periods Affects Work Productivity

You’re probably aware that your productivity at work can be significantly impacted by your menstrual cycle. Cramps, bloating, and exhaustion can make it challenging for you to concentrate and work efficiently.

These symptoms can also lead to decreased energy levels, making it harder to complete tasks and meet deadlines.

On the other hand, some people may find that they are more productive during their period. This is because hormonal changes can lead to increased focus, concentration, and motivation, allowing them to tackle challenging tasks easily. 

This is sometimes referred to as “period brain,” and it’s where cognitive abilities are heightened during the menstrual cycle.

Everyone’s experience with their period is unique and can vary from month to month. For instance, you may experience minimal symptoms, while others may have debilitating cramps and fatigue. 

To guarantee comfort and productivity, it’s critical that you understand how your period affects you and discuss with your employer any adjustments you might need.

Moreover, taking care of your body during your menstrual cycle is a great way to empower yourself. By making sure you get enough rest, eating nutritious foods, and staying hydrated, you can reduce symptoms and feel great at work. 

6 Tips for Managing Periods at Work

Managing your period at work doesn't have to be a struggle. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can sail through the workday with ease. From strategies for handling physical symptoms, to tips for staying organised and focused, there are plenty of ways to make the most of your menstrual cycle at the office.

1. Planning Ahead

Dealing with periods in the workplace is all about being proactive. One of the ways you can stay prepared is by planning ahead and tracking your cycle. Mark your calendar so you can anticipate any symptoms that may arise and make necessary adjustments and be ready to tackle the workday with confidence. Use one of our favourite period tracking apps to make the experience more fun and convenient! It's a great way to take control of your menstrual cycle and make sure it doesn't interfere with your work.

2. Wear Loose, Comfortable Clothing

Ditch those tight-fitting clothes and embrace the freedom of loose, comfortable clothing during your period. Trust us, it'll make a world of difference in how you feel and move. Opt for clothing that allows for optimal blood flow and maximum comfort. You deserve it!

3. Listen to Your Body

Take control of your menstrual health at work by balancing rest and light exercise. When you're feeling tired, pay attention to your body and allow yourself the time to recover. But when you feel a surge of energy, seize it and start doing some simple workouts! This balance of relaxation and activity will leave you feeling renewed, energised, and prepared to take on your chores with newfound energy. Embrace this chance to put self-care first and see the positive effects it has on your wellbeing. Period or not, you’ve got this!

4. Prioritise Tasks

You can take control of your period and your work by prioritising like a pro. Tackle the most important and satisfying tasks first and watch as you conquer them one by one. Not only will you feel accomplished and motivated to keep working, but you'll also be able to manage your period with ease. So, don't let your period hold you back, prioritise and crush your work goals!

5. Have a Backup Plan for Cramps

Don't let period cramps get the best of you at work! Be prepared with a backup plan that will help you power through any discomfort and keep you focused on your tasks. Keep some heating patches or pain relievers on hand, and you'll be ready to tackle anything that comes your way. 

6. Have Extra AWWA Undies at all Times

It’s essential to be prepared at all times. Be sure to pack a pair of period underwear so you can pop them on anytime in case you get your period while you’re in your workplace. Pack a spare, too, so you can rotate when necessary. This is especially important if you usually have heavy flows. This  will give you peace of mind and the ability to handle unexpected situations.

By following these tips and tricks, you’ll be better equipped to manage your period at work and make the most of your workday. Remember to communicate with your employer about any accommodations you may need, and take care of your body to ensure productivity and comfort.

Request Time Off If You’re Not Feeling Well

Don't hesitate to take time off when you're feeling under the weather. If your symptoms are debilitating and making it difficult to concentrate, seize the opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate by taking a well-deserved day or two off. Your health and well-being come first!

It's important to communicate with your employer about your needs, and to let them know that your time off is not just a personal day but a medical need. Some employers even have a policy for menstrual leave, which allows employees to take time off during their period without affecting their attendance record. 

If your employer does not have this policy in place, consider suggesting it or discussing your needs with human resources or your supervisor. So, don't let period symptoms hold you back, take the time you need to recover and come back stronger!

Remember, your health and wellbeing come first. If you're not feeling well, take the time off you need to relax and recuperate. You'll be able to better manage your period at work and return to your job feeling revitalised and energised! So, don't be shy, communicate with your employer and take the time you need to take care of yourself.

So, What Should You Do?

How to deal with periods at work can be challenging, but with a few tips and tricks, it’s possible to make it through the workday easily. Planning ahead, wearing loose, comfortable clothing, moving more, prioritising tasks, having a backup plan for cramps, and having extra AWWA undies at all times are all strategies that can help you navigate your period at the office. 

You must also communicate with your employer about any accommodations you may need and take the necessary time off if you’re not feeling well.

Your menstrual cycle doesn't have to hold you back from reaching your full potential at work. With the right strategies, you can power through physical symptoms such as cramps, bloating, and fatigue that can occur during your period and maintain productivity and efficiency. With the right approach, you can take control of your menstrual cycle and excel at your job!

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