Woke Gifts for Christmas - Sustainable Xmas Gifting

Save on AWWA period care for Christmas with fabulous Black Friday deals!

Set the women you love free from disposable tampons and pads and do Papatuanuku a solid! And if you shop before Dec 2nd you'll get truly amazing discounts with our Black Friday Sale!


Teenage nieces and daughters

Grab a fantastic Teen Period Kit and set them on the road to confident womanhood - and eco periods! We created these amazing value packs with three pairs of period underwear plus chocolate, a handy guide to periods and more to empower our daughters to feel confident - and just a little miraculous!

Teen period kits are discounted by a fantastic 25% until midnight Monday.


Wife, Sister, Girlfriend, Mother

How amazing are the wahine toa in your family? The sisters, the mother of your babies, your beautiful wife - your BFF and 'honorary sisters'...

Women hold up half the sky, and they do it with grace - while managing their period, their leaky bladder after childbirth, discharge in pregnancy, irregular flow and endometriosis! 

Shop any AWWA period underwear and save 25% when you spend over $50 in total.

Plus - buy her Honey Eva Briefs (on sale with 15% off) or spend $50+ to save 40% during our Black Friday sale. Shut the front door!! Our Honey period underwear are wear-anywhere (even with white dresses) creamy coloured goodness.


Women & girls who know how to make a splash

Woooowwwwwww! 40% off ALL AWWA SWIMWEAR SETS for Black Friday! 

Shop Bikini Sets for teens or women, or pick up a matching bikini top or bottom to mix n match with your normal bikini. This summer, going to beach days and swimming with your period is as simple as slipping into AWWA.


Hot young things - and comfort lovers

Our new style Skye High Period Underwear is a smash hit with edgy and fashionable cousins who appreciate the high waist and sheer panels - and with aunties who love nothing more than a nice soft pair of knickers that make them feel VIP on their flow days. You'll go gentle on your wallet too - save 25% when you spend $50+ during our Black Friday Sale!


Eco babes 

Cotton is probably pretty high on this girl's list and she's going to love cutting the waste created by single use period products to zero! Get her some soft and snuggly Cotton Period Underwear and make her Christmas with a useful, washable, reusable gift! Plus, save 25% on your purchase when you spend $50+ during our Black Friday Sale!


Stocking Stuffers


AWWA Wetbags are super useful and we've smashed the price by 40% for Black Friday. Make it easy to keep those lovely new undies tidy and on-hand when your period is due to make an entrance!

 Most of all, make your Christmas meaningful!

Prioritise people over things this Xmas. Give a hug and a thoughtful word. Take time to look each other in the eye and ask - How are YOU? If you can't find a gift that is perfect for someone, write them a card and tell them how much they mean to you. In ten years they might not have the coffee cup with the funny joke on it, but they will have that card or the memory of your words tucked up and treasured in their memory. 

Give aroha! 


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