Teen Period Underwear - Changing lives & empowering girls

What could be more beautiful than a young girl with her first period who feels calm, confident and powerful? We are passionate about our daughters and yours stepping bravely onto the path towards becoming a wahine with all the support and love they need guiding them to their own knowledge of womanhood.

It absolutely makes our day when we hear stories of young girls feeling confident and empowered while on their ikura, especially when using AWWA period underwear means they feel relaxed about going to school with their period.

Here are some of the many comments by mothers and nannas that have made us feel a little choked up and brought a few tears to the eye! 

We hope that you find reassurance here that teen period underwear are a simple, easy to use and reliable way of handling first periods. Grab a 3 pack in cottons or the Eva Brief and add a wet-bag to keep in the school bag, for all month confidence! No tampons, no pads, no waste, no toxins... just 'slip on and go' period products for teens. 

If you have ANY questions please reach out and ask, and check out our period starter kits for teens. 


What AWWA customers say about period underwear for teens

"Great for first timers. My daughter had a pair in her period pack for when the time comes. Her friend got hers at school last week and wasn’t prepared so my daughter gave her the underwear. The mother was so amazed at the idea of them and bought her daughter a 3 pack." - Kim

"I recently bought a 3-pack for my 13 year old, to be prepared for when her period started. Her first period arrived yesterday (good timing mum!) and she’s happily gone off to school today in her I am Eva’s, with a spare in her school bag, tucked into the styley wet bag. The whole experience has been so simple and positive - quite different from my first period, with massive pads that didn’t fit or work properly. So happy to be part of the revolution!" - Ruth

"Perfect for my 11 yr old . She loves them & finds them so comfy. Thanks for making an awesome product!" - Lynne

"Best buy! This is the second set of 3 I've bought my 13 yo daughter. She loves them and feels confident wearing them." - Debbie

"I love my Eva Brief, I have brought 2 sets now, and 2 sets each for my twins. They were so excited to get theirs too. Comfortable, secure and do exactly what they say they will." - Jessica


"This is my 2nd purchase for a special girl who is waiting on her Ikura. To celebrate the arrival of her Ikura I've put together a celebration Ikura Kete for her with all sorts of taonga for her including her AWWA's!!! I think these are great for our young hine as they learn about what their amazing bodies can do." - Carissa

"I have bought the certificate as part of a period kit I am organising for my 10 year old daughter. I will give her the kit (and she can use the gift certificate) closer to time she may start her periods." - Michelle

"My daughter loves them! Gives her confidence to carry on with life everyday." - Arna

"These underwear definitely made things easier for my daughter whilst at school and I will be purchasing more!" - Vivienne

"I brought AWWA for my teenage daughter, she absolutely loves them. So I brought some for myself and with 2 more girls getting closer to teenage years, I will soon be buying more for them, and me and my oldest daughter. I tell everyone I know about them. Wish they were around when I was younger. But better late than never!!" - Stacey

"Bought these for my 13 year old daughter and she loves them!! She said they’re extremely comfortable and make them time of the month’ easy." - Nicole

"Bought these for my pre period teen. While she hasn't had to try them yet they fit so well, are supportive, and the confidence they give her is wonderful. We will definitely be purchasing more. Happy Mum." - CL

"I brought two 3 packs for my teenage girls we are totally thrilled!" - Flora

"My 10 year old loves them. She uses them for school and says she never gets any leakage and feels confident wearing them." - Moana

"I bought one pair for my 14 year old daughter. She thought it was great so I'll be buying more for her. I'm looking forward to trying them myself." - Andrea

"My 12 year old granddaughter is really thrilled with her undies. This is the best present yet. Thank you." - Berry

"I purchased Eva Briefs for my teenaged daughter. I purchased the first pair at the Green Expo for her to try and she loved them so much that I got more. She finds them fantastic for wearing to school and for PE class, no bulky pads and no having to carry sanitary products to school. They’re fantastic." - Maria

"My teenage daughter is self conscious and very anxious... these briefs have taken a lot of the anxiety out of her school day when having her period. Thank you AWWA!" - Jo

"The most appreciated gifts I've bought for my daughters, to pair up with their Wā Cup. No more cost, and no more waste when they've got their period." - Bette


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