Period Underwear for Athletes: How it Can Improve Performance

Are you an athlete struggling to manage your menstrual cycle while training or competing? Look no further. Period underwear for athletes is the perfect solution.

These specially designed underwear offer athletes a range of benefits, from leak-proof protection to sleek comfortable design options, which can support vigorous movement. 

Together, let’s explore the best period underwear for sports, the benefits of period underwear, safety concerns, and the best brand of period underwear. So, whether you’re a runner, gymnast, or swimmer, you’ll learn how period underwear can improve your performance and help you focus on your goals. 

The Benefits of Period Underwear for Athletes 

When it comes to period underwear for athletes, the benefits are endless. First, let’s talk about protection. One of the biggest concerns for athletes during their menstrual cycle is the risk of leaks. Traditional menstrual products can be bulky and uncomfortable, and they can also shift during intense physical activity. Period underwear offers a leak-proof solution that keeps you protected during even the most rigorous training or competition. BUT are also completely undetectable when worn, as they look and feel just like regular underwear— only better. 

Next, let’s talk about comfort. Athletic activities require a lot of movement and flexibility, and traditional menstrual products can inhibit this by causing chafing or discomfort. The best sports period underwear is designed with breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics that keep you cool and dry, providing better airflow down below. With style options from high waisted briefs to thongs, there is a style/cut for every sport. 

And lastly, convenience. Period underwear is discreet and easy to use, making it perfect for athletes who are constantly on the go. With the added bonus of being reusable, you’ll save money in the long run. So say goodbye to the hassle of running to the store for extra supplies, and hello to the convenience of period underwear!

With the protection, comfort, and convenience period underwear for athletes provides, you’ll be able to focus on your training and competition without the added stress of managing your menstrual cycle. So, regardless of your sport, consider giving period underwear a try and experience the difference it can make in your performance. 

Here’s a secret. AWWA period underwear offers all these benefits!

A Testament to the Value of Period Underwear for Athletes

Kayla Imrie is an Olympic canoeist from New Zealand. Kayla has shared her experience using AWWA period underwear and how it has helped her during her training and competition.

Kayla decided to try AWWA because she needed extra protection from flooding while using sanitary items during her training. She said that AWWA period underwear had allowed her to work out for hours without needing to go to the bathroom for breaks. She also shared how super comfortable the undies are and how they don’t restrict her from any movement.

Kayla also shared that she has menorrhagia, which is excessive blood loss during periods. This meant that she needed to visit the bathroom frequently. When she tried AWWA period underwear for the first time, she was amazed that she didn’t have to visit the bathroom as often.

Kayla’s experience is a testament to how period underwear can improve athletes’ performance and quality of life. It not only offers leak-proof protection but also provides comfort and convenience, allowing athletes like Kayla to focus on their training and competition without interruption.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Period Undies for Sports 

When it comes to choosing period underwear for sports, it’s important to make an informed decision to ensure the best fit and performance. 

The first factor, and one of the most crucial, is to  consider your absorbency levels. Whether you have a light or a heavy flow, choosing a product that can handle your needs is essential. AWWA period underwear offers different absorbency levels. We have options for light flow, moderate flow, and heavy flow. Make sure to choose one that meets your needs. 

Next is fit. Athletic activities require a lot of movement and flexibility, so it’s vital to choose comfortable period underwear that won’t inhibit your movement. You can stay confident and comfortable during your period with AWWA Period underwear. Our underwear are made from organic cotton, recycled nylon, and TENCEL™ Modal. Each style is designed for breathability and features moisture-wicking fabrics to ensure no leaks, ensuring peace of mind during your activities.

Finally, it’s important to consider the style of the period underwear. AWWA period underwear offers different styles, including boxer briefs, full briefs, hipster, and thongs. It’s important to choose a style that you feel comfortable and confident wearing during your athletic activities. 

By considering these factors, you can ensure that you choose period underwear best suited to your needs. Check out our shop to see different models based on absorbency and style!

Get Period Underwear For Athletes only at AWWA!

Period underwear for athletes is a game-changer for managing your menstrual cycle during training and competition. With benefits like leak-proof protection, comfort, and convenience, period underwear is a must-have for any female athlete. 

AWWA is one brand that stands out in the market for high-quality period underwear. With different models based on absorbency and style, we offer a wide range of options for female athletes. 

With the right period underwear, you’ll be able to train and compete with confidence, knowing that you’re protected and comfortable. So, don’t hesitate and check out AWWA and experience the difference it can make in your performance!

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