Nanaia Mahuta is our Foreign Minister and we are bloody happy

On the eve of the US election, New Zealand is celebrating one of the most diverse cabinets the world has ever seen and we are bloody over the moon about it, what it means for our country, and a generation of young tamahine who turn on mainstream media and see Nanaia’s face at an international level.  It means that our young girls, and hopefully most of the country will begin undoing their unconscious bias about what it means to be Māori. Now when the telly is turned on, our young girls will see what it means to be wahine Māori - strong, intelligent, hard working, diligent, unwavering, steadfast, selfless and resourceful.


Despite Nanaia Mahuta being appointed Foreign Minister based on her merits alone, the fact that we have a Wahine Māori who also wears a moko kauae is an incredible step towards decolonising our country (note we can never truly decolonise but steps like this is a massive step towards creating more balance for our people and our country)

“The first face that people will see at an international level is someone who speaks, looks and sounds Māori - the face of New Zealand is indigenous” - Rukuwai Tipene-Allen

It shows that our culture has a place at an international level, that people see the importance of Māori, and the point of difference that being Māori brings to such a role.  Wearing  the markings of her ancestors shows people that there are no boundaries to Māori and where they can go.

This cabinet is one of the most diverse in the world:

  • Almost half the law makers are women (the global average is 25%)
  • 25% are Māori
  • 10.7% are Pasifika
  • 5% Asian descent
  • 10.7% openly LGBTQIA+ with the first openly gay deputy prime Minister

Kiri Allan - our new Minister of conservation, emergency management and associate for arts, culture, heritage and the environment.


“This is a cabinet and an executive that is based on merit that also happen to be incredibly diverse and I am proud of that” says Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern "They reflect the NZ that elected them”

Despite how you voted in this election, you have got to be proud of this and the generational changes that will be made for our people as a result.

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