Kōrero with Ruby Tui

We love talking all things ikura so we're bringing you a new blog series where we chat to some of our AWWA whanau about how they manage their ikura.

Apart from being a superstar on the rugby field, who is Ruby Tui?

I am passionate about getting the most out of life so health naturally becomes massive for me; Mental health, spiritual health and of course physical. Being a fulltime professional athlete I get to see what my body and mind is capable of on the world stage and I'm also lucky enough to be a part of a team sport which I love. Working together with like-minded people on the same purposeful mission is where miharo things can happen!

Tell us - why do you love wearing AWWA and how it has made a difference to your lifestyle?

AWWA gives me a real and practical way to make a difference. When I see other menstruation products now, all I see is the waste that has to be discarded back into the planet. AWWA also gives me comfort and confidence. I love repping AWWA, even when I don't have my ikura!

How do you practice self care while on your ikura?

I find it a time to be more in tune with my emotions as they are not something to be afraid of but simply our body telling us to take notice of certain things. On my ikura I also spend more time resting and spending time with loved ones. My life is so physical so this is also a time to choose less strenuous leisure activities like watching a movie or reading my favourite book!

What advice would you have for your younger self in regards to getting and managing your ikura?

Unfortunately there were no AWWA around otherwise I would tell my younger self to buy a lifetime's supply and save a whole lot of time and money. But I would say stop being so hard on yourself and take time to decompress during this time, it's ok to slow down and take time for you.

What makes you feel empowered / confident?

Knowing what I stand for, where I come from and acknowledging everyone who has helped me get to where I am today.

What's your favourite AWWA style?

It has to be the midnight blue. I love the colour, comfort and repping the AWWA band when I wear them.

What's your 'feel good' song?

Long White Cloud - Israel Starr, Lion Rezz, Awa

You can hear Ruby's fave song on our Ikura playlist.

What quote / affirmation is speaking to you right now?

Never compare your chapter 2 to someone else's chapter 20.


Nga mihi, Ruby. We appreciate you and you inspire us every day! We love having you as part of our AWWA whanau. 


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