How to Have a Sustainable Period

Did you know that 1.8 billion people around the globe menstruate each month?

That's a lot of single-use period products ending up in landfills! But we totally get it—when Mother Nature makes a surprise appearance, many of us scramble to just find the nearest products.

However, the world is realizing the importance of sustainability. Brands have added sustainable options for periods too, from the creation of period underwear to multi-use traditional products.

But how exactly do you make your period eco-friendly? Don't sweat—we're here to help! Keep reading to learn how to develop your own sustainable period routine and everything you need to get started!

What Is a Sustainable Period?

A sustainable period refers to managing your period with the health of both your body and the planet in mind! This means using products that are environmentally friendly and, well, sustainable! It aims to reduce the amount of waste that traditional period products often cause and offer resources to everyone around the world who has to manage their menstrual cycle.

Best Ways to Make Your Period Sustainable

It can be tricky to switch to the most sustainable options ASAP. You can still head towards an eco-friendly period by buying organic versions of your favourite traditional period products. 

Organic period products don't use toxic ingredients, synthetic fragrances, or dyes. Not only is this better for the environment, but it's also gentler on your body. 

When it comes to pain relief or comfort foods, search for natural and organic alternatives as well. Magnesium, for example, is one natural supplement that relaxes muscles, which can be a huge benefit if you get painful cramps but can't take traditional painkillers.

We've all experienced a menstrual sneak attack—y'know, when your period shows up, like, a week early? And if your product stash is low when this happens, it's easy to opt for the most accessible products.

But if you prepare for all scenarios in advance, you can ensure that your products are sustainable and organic, rather than made with questionable ingredients. It also allows you to buy products locally and support small businesses! 

Sustainable Period Control Products

Hate the thought of the amount of waste that comes from traditional period products? You're in luck because period underwear is one of the most sustainable period options available these days! AWWA’s come in just about every style you can imagine and are available for different levels of flow too.

The thought of free-bleeding in your underwear can be intimidating. But period underwear have you covered—literally and figuratively!

Period underwear are made with highly absorbent fabric that will keep you dry and spotless. They're just as comfy as regular undies, so you won't have to worry about chafing either.

If you're still curious about the magic, we can break down how our own AWWA period underwear works! Each pair has four slim layers—an inner layer to draw away moisture, an antimicrobial layer to prevent odors, an absorbent layer to catch fluids, and an outer layer to act as a leak-free barrier.

Period underwear are easy to reuse too. Simply rinse them with cold water, pop 'em in a delicates bag, toss them in the washer with your normal clothes, and then line dry them!

Period Underwear for Teens

As a teenager, you're just beginning to understand what happens during your cycle and how to manage it. That's why period underwear makes a great addition to any teenager's period toolkit.

'Cause let's face it—often during teenage years, your period is more irregular. You don't always know if it's gonna show up when it's supposed to.

Instead of wondering if they need to pack extra pads or tampons, teens can proactively wear a pair of period underwear. They can choose them in a variety of colours too!

Pregnancy and Postpartum

You won't get your period while pregnant, but you can still use your period underwear during your pregnancy. Period underwear offer support and protection from the discharge, bladder leaks, and spotting that come along with pregnancies.

Period undies are also a great option for those dealing with postpartum bleeding. Postpartum bleeding can't be managed with tampons, and period underwear offers a more comfortable alternative to the disposable postpartum underwear hospitals offer.

Underwear for Different Flow Levels

Everyone has a different flow level, and your personal level may even fluctuate as you age. Luckily, period underwear comes in a variety of options depending on your flow.

You can always mix and match if, for example, you experience moderate bleeding at the beginning of your cycle but eventually transition to a light flow. There's something for everyone - our Skye High Period Briefs can even absorb as much as five tampons' worth!

Discover the Perfect Sustainable Period Products

It's amazing to see the cultural change of sustainability grow, and we're stoked that our sustainable period products range is part of the movement. With sustainable products becoming more accessible, it's never been easier to build your own eco-friendly period routine!

With the info above, you can discover the perfect products to use during your time of the month.

Looking for the perfect pair of period underwear? AWWA has got you covered. From boxer briefs to thongs, we got a little somethin' for everyone. If you're not sure where to start, check out our best sellers and find your new favourite pair of undies!

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