Are you on track to spend $16,000 on pads & tampons?

British research revealing that women in the UK spend as much as £18,450 on their periods over the course of their lifetime prompted the NZ Herald to estimate that on average, Kiwi women spend almost $16,000 in their lifetime on period care products like pads and tampons. 

So let's spare a thought for all the women with heavier flows or 3 week cycles who spend more! 

Women will generally have around 450 periods in a lifetime. That's a lot of environmental waste (manufacturing, transport and disposal) and a truck load of cash!

And, the impact of this expense on households with a low income can be totally heartbreaking. We know that in New Zealand right now, girls are using newspaper, loo paper or staying home from school completely. Period Poverty is real and we're doing something about it. Find out more here.

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