5 Reasons you need Eva Briefs in honey...


1. So pretty

Honey is a soft colour that looks lovely with all skin tones, offering you a sultry warm hued outer - with a black easy-wash leak-proof inner liner. Wear your Period Underwear your way and enjoy adding a different colour through the week!


2. Rock the white dress!

Under-cover-knickers that blend into their surroundings for a sleek, subtle look, while delivering robust ultra-absorbency. We all have those outfits that black undies show through, but now you can wear whatever you want with honey-hued period undies in your repertoire!



3. Sporty babes rejoice.

Pale print leggings, white jodhpurs, tennis outfits all become period-proof with the addition of Eva Briefs in honey. Get out there and slam your sport - without wondering what’s going on with leaks and stains. Unleash your energy with confidence.


4. Find them at a glance.

If you’re like most women your undie drawer is crammed with black bits and pieces and your Eva Brief honeys will stand out from the crowd when you’re looking for leak-busting period underwear that fits like a creamy dream.


5. Teen-friendly honey tones.

Your teen can choose a range of honey or ebony Eva Briefs to suit her emerging style and her individual lifestyle. Those first periods are a breeze with period underwear and a soft honey colour can make it feel even more natural and un-intimidating.


Bonus Reason: Mix and match to save!

Shop the AWWA Period Proof Underwear bundle deal to save 10% on your order – just grab any 5 pairs or more – for you, your daughter, in ebony or honey, brief or high waisted – and 10% will be discounted from your order at checkout.


Shop honey here.


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