5 Reasons to Go Green This Friday

Black Friday began in the United States of America, where stores traditionally offer sales the day after Thanksgiving in a bid to encourage people to shop up a storm in the lead-up to Christmas. Whilst there are a range of ideas about the origins of the term ‘Black Friday’, popular opinion suggests that the name comes from the chaos that resulted from hordes of shoppers flocking to stores to pick up the best bargains. With the spread of globalisation and consumerism, big businesses in countries across the world have adopted the Black Friday chaos, driving down prices in the hopes of attracting more and more customers. 

Whilst getting a good deal on a product you’re already planning to buy is never a bad idea, there has been a recent push-back on the rampant consumerism that Black Friday encourages. 

This year, AWWA is flipping the switch and turning Green for Black Friday. Check out the reasons why below:

Putting Ethics First

Green Friday focuses on the ethics of businesses, rather than on encouraging people to buy things they don’t want or need, and AWWA is a company that believes in putting ethics first. Whilst employment laws may protect workers here in Aotearoa New Zealand, not all countries have that same privilege, and it’s all the more important to ensure that workers in countries such as Sri Lanka, where AWWA products are made, are treated fairly. For example, everyone along the AWWA supply chain is paid a fair, liveable wage and employment is entered freely, meaning nobody is forced into work they don’t want. Health and Safety guidelines are in place and followed, and workplaces are free from violence and discrimination. Pre-COVID-19, AWWA founders Kylie and Michele visited Sri Lanka to ensure all their expectations of an ethical and sustainable supply chain were being met, so you can be sure that a purchase from AWWA is an ethical one from start to finish. 

Minimising Waste

With stores expected to offer massive discounts on products, Black Friday encourages people to shop for things they don’t actually want or need. Electronic products, fast fashion and plastics make up some of the biggest purchases during Black Friday sales and, with shoppers often being lured in to buy products they later regret, many purchases end up as waste. With AWWA already committed to combating single-use plastics waste, a switch from Black to Green this Friday means fewer products ending up in landfills. 

Shopping Mindfully

Under usual circumstances, many of us will be mindful about the purchases we are making. Whether this means taking time to decide whether we actually need a product, or researching the company to ensure they align with our personal values, we’ll mostly take our time to shop - and often this shopping is sociable and enjoyable.

Green Friday is all about slowing down and thinking about the purchases we’re making, rather than getting caught up in the hype that comes with flashy sales. Buy what you need when you need - and then spend the day out in nature with friends and whānau instead of in front of your laptop or under the bright lights of chain stores.  


AWWA is all about sustainability. Rather than competing with big businesses who use Black Friday to drive down prices, AWWA is using this day to invest in sustainability and in people. Sustainability here is about more than just the end product - it’s about the whole traceable supply chain, from the materials used to make AWWA period pants to the packaging of the final product. Moreover, AWWA products are designed to last, and replacing single-use period products with a set of AWWA period pants means less waste polluting our environment. 

Giving Back

During the Green Friday weekend (Friday 26th - Tuesday 30th November), every pair of AWWA purchased will be matched and donated to Dignity, who will be distributing the donated products to secondary school students in need across the country. With summer holidays about to begin, many menstruators will no longer have access to the free pads and tampons that are distributed to schools by the government; a donation to Dignity means a few pairs of reusable AWWA period pants in the hands of menstruators in need just in time for summer.



Written by Shardae Grenfell, AWWA Guest Blogger

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