9 ways AWWA beats tampons, pads, menstrual cups

Each month you have a decision to make - how are you planning for your period flow this time? So many things influence your decisions from how heavy each day of your flow will be, to what you need to get done.

Will you be in a long boardroom meeting or exam, and not be able to nip to the loo? Are you running a marathon or competing in showjumping wearing white jodphurs? Are you home alone and planning to relax on the couch with pyjamas on? No, we thought not!

Life goes on regardless of periods, and you have probably worked out pretty smart ways to deal with every scenario from hot dates in pretty dresses and long distance flights to sports games and super heavy days where you need double period-proofing.

We believe that no matter what your go to period products are, AWWA offers you a new, better, more comfortable and graceful way to manage your monthly flow.


9 ways period underwear out-classes the competition 


Pads vs period undies

Pads are often bulky, synthetic, full of plastic, absorbent gels, dioxin bleach and odd fragrance chemicals. They can 'flood' due to the rounded surface and quick flow can simply spill over the edges. Women who use them are more likely to get infections, including Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, which can damage women's reproductive ability. The plasticisers used in pads (BPA and BPS) are linked with disruption of embryonic development.

Period panties are slimmer, safer, more reliable and more hygienic. 


Tampons vs period underwear

Tampons are associated with toxic shock syndrome, as they cause micro-tears which allow bacteria to grow... microtears!? No Thanks! Tampons also contain the pervasive and super nasty Dioxin bleach. Also, the higher absorbency the tampon, the higher risk of TSS. And if you leak, boom, it's all over, no second chances. Teens can find tampons tricky or downright painful to use, and other women don't want to be inserting tampons for cultural reasons.

Period panties are safe, more reliable, more hygienic and suit every woman. 


Menstrual cup vs period underwear

Menstrual cups or moon cups are great on the environmental front and they will save you money over time too. But let's face it, they aren't everyone's cup of tea. They can be tricky to get in perfectly so they won't leak, they can be uncomfortable to have inside for some people, and if you need to change them during the day it can feel less-than-hygienic to pull it out, wipe it down and pop it back inside in some random public toilet. Plus, you should steralise those babies between each use as women who don't do this are at risk of bacterial infections.

Period panties take no skill to wear (you can do it in your sleep, see next point), are easy to wash, and totally comfortable. 


Sleeping with your period

If you sleep more than 8 hours, and we hope you can, don't use tampons. 8 hours is the upper limit for risking TSS. Pads leak out the sides if you sleep on your side, and see above for toxins. 

Period underwear is perfect for night time periods. Put on, sleep. Easy, safe and leak proof.


Sports during your period

Tampons will hold what they can; then hey, game over girl! Also, a robust jump or running can cause leaks. Menstrual cups can also spring a leak under duress and leave you not so high and dry! Pads are not fun for sports, they chafe and leak and show through your leggings and basically just make you feel awful. If you're out climbing mountains or hiking forests, there is nowhere to change, or leave your pads and tampons.

Period panties are comfortable, breathable, and running jumping leaping sprinting cartwheeling skipping hopping tackling proof. Game on. 


Save the planet with your period

Tampons and pads are single use 'disposable' products. So much for waste not want not, you'll be going through one of these babies every four hours, or faster if you have a heavy flow. Pads in particular generate huge amounts of plastic waste with one pad equivalent to four plastic shopping bags, but the manufacturing processes for both pads and tampons cause horrific damage to the environment too.

Period panties are washable, re-usable and kind to mother earth


A lifetime of periods will cost you 75% less

Lifetime supply of Pads and/or Tampons 11,000 - 17,000. Total cost $16,000+.

Life supply of period underwear 100 (if you like lots of new pairs!). Total cost $4000.


Teen period products

Many young girls (and these days, some of them are really young) find it hard to use tampons, and awkward (that bulk, the weird synthetic scent) to wear sanitary pads. 

AWWA period undies slip on like normal knickers and provide super reliable non-leak period care.


Flexible period products to suit your flow

You may be one of those super lucky period goddesses who 'flow lightly for three days' ... but the hard truth is most of us aren't! Most women have some heavier days and some lighter days, and have a plan to work with this. Maybe you double up with a pad plus tampon combo on the big days and only use a liner on light days. You might choose to pair your moon cup with a pad for back-up duty, or use super tampons for some of your cycle. Full marks for adaptability - but these options all produce extra plastic waste, and super tampons increase the risk of TSS. 

Period knickers can be paired with tampons or cups on heavy days for double duty, and used solo the rest of your period.





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