Our brand new I am Eva packaging

It took us (Kylie + Michele) longer to decide on how we would package our underwear than it did for us to invent and produce the actual underwear!

We knew that we wanted women to feel like they were about to open something incredibly special.
I am Eva period proof underwear Tyla Jade packaging
We are delighted with the end result and hope that our I am Eva women feel special when opening their underwear.
Made from recyclable cardboard and designed by the super talented Tyler Jade of the Native Studios in Auckland New Zealand. 
I am Eva period proof underwear Tyla Jade
We asked Tyler Jade to draw her interpretation of Te Awa Atua (the divine river aka your period) and here's what Tyla had to say about her design:
"The Mangopare represents strength and determination. It also takes the shape of the female reproductive system and is my interpretation of Te Awa Atua."
All underwear will now come packaged in this beautiful blush pink box - and we can't wait to hear what you think about it?
Kylie + Michele

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