Making a splash this summer – Period-proof Swimwear!

Brought to you by the game-changing innovators at AWWA, these beautiful bikinis do so much more than just look great on women of all shapes and sizes!

In almost a year I am Eva (now AWWA) has revolutionised the face of period care in New Zealand. From a Kickstarter campaign that smashed its target within days and introduced a brand new way of managing our flow, to changing the conversation around periods from stigma to pride, and donations to charities fighting period poverty, AWWA has sent ripples across the lives of thousands of women and girls throughout New Zealand.

It was only natural that serial entrepreneurs Kylie James and Michele Wilson wouldn’t pause to rest on their laurels! Hard on the heels of the super popular Eva Brief and Skye High Waisted period proof underwear they have launched the NZ's first Period Proof Bikini – Period-Proof Swimwear that looks great in the ocean or the pool, and gives the wearer confidence to leap into summer whether she’s menstruating, dealing with bladder leakage, post-baby … or just because they are such a flattering style!

Our Period Proof bikini bottom is quick dry UPF50+ material in a stylish cut and is simple slip-on-and-go period care, just like our period underwear.

Perfect for teens, and available in sizes XXS to XXL, the period-proof bikini bottoms are also sold separately to the bikini tops so every woman can find her ideal combo!

 Period proof swimwear is super convenient to use, so you can enjoy remote beaches without worrying about where to dispose of tampons and pads. Slip on your period-proof swimwear and enjoy your day - you can run about with your kids, build sandcastles and swim or just sunbathe and enjoy the serenity.

After your swim, just slip your period-proof bikini into one of our Wet Bags and pop it in your bag. When you get home, rinse and pop in the machine just like you would with normal togs!

If you are a teen or have a teenage daughter, these bikinis are a wonderful way to let her enjoy summer to the fullest!

The bikinis can be worn solo (they hold 10mls, which is 1-2 regular tampons or pads) - or teamed with a tampon or cup for extra flow.

Enjoy summer your way!


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