How Your Period Changes as You Do

Your menstrual cycle is more than just your period. As you will probably come to realise, there is no such thing as a normal period cycle or a predictable one, as your hormones play a significant role in how your cycle affects you each month.

You may experience mood swings, weight gain or loss, pain, fatigue, or breast tenderness at different points in your cycle.

Learn how you can proactively manage period symptoms by understanding the changes that may happen to your body, as well as make your experience more comfortable with period underwear or postpartum period underwear.

Here's how your period changes as you do.

Why There's No Such Thing as a "Normal" Period

It’s common to get your period regularly every 28 days, but this is not always the case. You may experience changes in your period after you give birth or when you go through menopause. These changes affect how your body functions and the amount of time it takes for your body to produce an egg each month.

If you find that your period doesn't follow its usual pattern, you'll want to talk to a healthcare provider, like a gynecologist. They can help you figure out what's going on and offer solutions that will help regulate your cycle.

Also, diet, stress, and underlying medical conditions can affect your menstrual cycle. In fact, stress can make your period heavier. Period underwear works to ease heavy periods, enabling you to carry on fuss-free with everyday life (yay!).

How the Menstrual Cycle Changes Over the Years

It's important to know that the menstrual cycle doesn't stay the same as you age. As you get older, your hormone levels change, and so does your period.

As you get older, your body makes less estrogen and progesterone. It means that the length of your cycle will probably change. You may have shorter cycles or longer cycles with more bleeding or no bleeding at all.

Every body has its own way of working out its hormonal balances over the long term, so it's not always possible to predict precisely how long each menstrual cycle will last.

What Your Period Is Like as You Age

Your menstrual cycle may change as you age. Your period will probably occur every 21 to 35 days in your early to mid-teens, and our Teen range of period underwear or Frankie My First Period Kit will have you covered! 

As you enter your twenties, periods may be more regular and last for three or four days each month. In the late thirties and forties, periods may remain steady, but they can happen at intervals of four weeks or less.

In the late fifties and sixties, periods might start to be irregular and last up to six days each time. If you're over 60, periods could happen anywhere from five times a year to once a year or not at all.


The Importance of Wearing Period Underwear Post-Pregnancy and the Benefits to Your Health

Pregnancy and childbirth can change bodies in ways you never expected. And if you're like most, you might not know about all the changes that happen to your reproductive system after giving birth.

For many, periods stop during pregnancy and return to normal after several months of giving birth. Some may take up to a year before menstruation resumes. Others may have spotting between periods.

Because of the unpredictable cycle, it's best to wear postpartum period underwear because it is comfortable and protects you from unexpected spotting.

They're Easy to Wear and More Affordable

You'll put on the period underwear the same way you would your ordinary pair of underwear. You can choose the type of underwear depending on the flow. AWWA has a wide range, specially made for light, medium, and heavy flows.

Because they're reusable, you don't have to worry about throwing them away after each use. Our underwear will save you money because they are much more cost-effective than disposable products or cleaning cloth pads or liners (win-win!).

Plus, when an unexpected period arrives, you’ll never be caught without the essentials as our period underwear is perfect to wear at any time of the month.

They're Comfortable

Our underwear are made from high-quality materials. They are soft and comfortable to wear without showing any lines or wrinkles. They're also easy to wash and dry.

You can wash them in the washing machine or hand wash them in cold water with mild detergent and hang them to dry.

Period Underwear Minimises Your Postpartum Pregnancy Discomfort

Postpartum hormones can cause mood swings, fatigue, breast tenderness, headaches, nausea, and other symptoms that may make you feel off-balance for a few days after giving birth.

At AWWA, we want to make sure that no matter the postpartum journey you’re on, we help minimise these symptoms by keeping you as comfortable as possible throughout this exciting but busy time of your life. Wearing pieces from our range, such as the Skye High Brief for heavy periods, helps you get back to what matters most - you!

Postpartum Period Underwear Is Environmentally Friendly

Period pants are recyclable. It means that you can use them as often as you want or until they wear out. It means less waste —keeping the environment clean!

They Feel More Natural

They feel just like your regular underwear. You don't have to deal with discomfort, yet you get all the benefits of added protection and support. Also, you're less likely to be caught out, as our Skye High All Day underwear holds 5 pads worth of flow.

Period changes mean that you can never know precisely when to expect them, especially after giving birth. Having period underwear on makes you feel more relaxed when out. 

Are You Looking for Period Underwear?

Are you looking for period underwear or postpartum period underwear that fits well and serves your needs?

AWWA has a collection of both pregnancy and period underwear that is available online. You'll also get assistance in choosing the right underwear for you!

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