How successful Kiwis approach sleep & work life balance

Getting a solid eight hours sleep is highly recommended by health professionals, but does the cream of New Zealand business actually get it?

Bonnie Flaws from Stuff asked Michele Wilson, co-founder & chief executive of I am Eva (now AWWA) and Frankie Apothecary.

Running two thriving companies means I need to have pretty next level self awareness. I need to be healthy, both physically and mentally.

I need at least seven hours sleep a night, and I feel at my best when I am in bed before 10pm and up at around 5am. Rising a couple of hours before the rest of my family means I can spend time meditating and visualising my day.

I've trialled the 60-hour working week, the late nights and working on weekends, but [now] I work approximately 30-hours-a-week. 

It might not seem a lot for a chief executive of two companies, but I have found that I am more than twice as productive, and my businesses are more successful if I follow these habits.

My months, weeks and days are all meticulously planned out with tasks that will achieve goals. I delegate a lot of my workload and because I have babies waiting for me to come home to them, not a minute is wasted. 

Weekends are my treasures and I make sure I do something outdoors every weekend so that my wairua (spirit) is strong.


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