Get to know your period - what IS a normal period anyway?

First, let's start by acknowledging that every body (and everybody) is unique. Periods and hormones and fertility and flow all vary from one wahine to another. And when it comes to period products, we are ALL about personal choice - You do you.

However the silence and taboo around the topic of periods and ways to manage your flow means that many women just don't know what the 'average' period is, how heavy a flow is normal, and what might cause your flow to be heavier or lighter than 'normal'.  

Even within our team one wahine was shocked to find out that her usual flow is many times heavier (even in a single day) than an entire normal cycle; and another had a flow so much lighter than normal that she has taken steps to re-balance her body.

Knowledge is power ladies, so we are sharing our learning with you. 


1. What is a "text-book, standard, normal, totally average" period?

Average blood lost over an entire period cycle is 30-50 mls.


2. How long does a 'normal' period cycle last?

Most women bleed for 3-7 days.


3. How many pairs of I am Eva period underwear will you need?

4-7 regular tampons or pads (fully soaked), or 2-5 pairs of I am Eva underwear should see you through your period. The absorbency of our period underwear is the same as a regular tampon or pad, but of course they can be washed!


4. How should you use period products?

Use your period undies on their own, or with other period products. Your call! But it's good to know that 1-2 pairs should get you safely through any given day of a normal period.

For a heavier flow you can choose to change your period undies more often (grab 5 pairs and save 10%!) or pair with tampons or a cup for added peace of mind.


5. How normal is 'normal'?

67% of our I am Eva followers said their period fits into the normal ranges above. But that means a third have periods heavier or lighter than usual. There can be lots of reasons for this, and of course lots of factors like having a baby or endometriosis can cause short term changes in your flow; but often periods that don't fit in the normal range are caused by specific things that you CAN influence.


Want to know more about how you can regulate your period and get your flow closer to normal?

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