Finding the Right Period Underwear for Your Teen Years

Did you know that 67% of people will change their lifestyle during their period out of fear of awkward moments such as leaking onto their clothes? 

A period is a natural part of life. Unfortunately, until recently, it wasn't something that was talked about freely. 

That's why period underwear for teens is a great solution that will allow you to keep living life and not worry about that awkward leakage. If you want to learn more about period undies for teens as a parent or teen, keep reading. 

The Challenges of Getting Your First Period

As a teen, you never know when your first period will arrive. On top of that, your first period can be spotty or light, and it may seem like it stopped only to restart. 

As your period continues, it might not be regular at first. This can leave the fear of starting your period each month at a less than ideal time. 

It's challenging to deal with your first period when you don't know what to expect. On top of that, you may be feeling embarrassment and awkwardness. 

Choosing the suitable period products is essential. However, where should you start? 

Overwhelmed by Period Products

If you walk into any store and check out the period aisle, you will find an abundance of different period products

You may meet other teens who swear by tampons, or some who prefer pads. You may even encounter teens who prefer a menstrual cup. However, even when you decide on the product you want to use, you need to know which type to purchase. 

Do you need something for a light flow, medium flow, heavy flow, or overnight? Wings or no wings? Cardboard or plastic applicator? 

With hygiene products, the choices can feel endless and overwhelming. Despite many options, sometimes your decision can still feel nerve-wracking. 

With this in mind, one thing you might want to consider is period underwear for teens. 

Why Period Underwear Is Becoming More Popular for Teens

Period underwear is designed to replace pads, tampons, and other period products. Depending on the period underwear you use, a pair can be used to replace one to five regular pads or tampons. 

Not only are these underwear comfortable, but they help take the fear out of embarrassing leaks and walking around with a red stain on your clothes. 

This ease and peace of mind is a big reason that teen period underwear are becoming more popular. Another benefit is that as these underwear become more popular, more styles are becoming available. 

At AWWA, we want you to feel comfortable in your own skin during your period - especially in the beginning. As our styles expand, you don't have to worry that you'll need to wear ‘diaper underwear’ in order to get the leak protection you need as a teen.

How to Choose the Right Pair

When it comes to period underwear options, how do you choose the right pair? One thing you will want to consider is your flow. 

It’s important to pick the correct pair that matches your flow so that you can have peace of mind going about your day. Choosing the right pair means you’ll avoid leakage and have the most confidence, giving you the best period underwear experience, every time.

It’s not uncommon for our customers to purchase multiple pairs from our range - customising their collection so that when their period arrives they have a wide range of options during the different stages of their periods, or even month on month changes. 

Appropriate Ages and Sizing

Sizing Guide

At AWWA, we make period underwear that are designed specifically for teens. When you get ready to order your first pair, the period underwear sizes may leave you wondering what to pick. 

We have a sizing chart so you can easily find the perfect fit. These underwear do tend to fit more snugly to help prevent leaks, so keep that in mind when you put them on the first time. 

However, what about the different types of underwear? 

Our Teenage Range

For teens who are just starting their period or think they might start soon, this is a great option. The All Day Classic My First Period Kit is perfect to wear every day so that you don't have to worry that your period will start in the middle of the class, leaving you feeling uncomfortable. Included is a set of our popular classic briefs, small wet bag, drawstring bag, education guide, and chocolate. 

Everyday Period Range 

If you’re looking for individual styles instead, we have a wide range that are specifically designed using innovative technology to suit any type of flow during your menstrual cycle. 

Our Teen Frankie Period Undies are perfect for those lighter days, holding one pad or tampon worth of blood. Period maybe feeling a bit heavier the next time around? No stress, our Teen Cotton Basic Brief has your back! They’re comfortable, highly absorbent, breathable and anti-odor, offering you the reassurance to wear in place of two pads or tampons. 

But what about the days where your period is the heaviest? We know the struggle, which is why we’ve designed pieces like our Teen All Day Cotton Period Undies, free to be worn in place of five pads or tampons. 

Whether you’re worried about sizing, different underwear for different flows, different underwear for different occasions - we’ve got it all. We want you to be as comfortable as possible in your own skin during your period. It’s as simple as that.

Things Parents Should Know

Hey parents, we’re here to help! When you buy these underwear for your teens, you’ll be helping them feel confident as they go about their day. A period shouldn't be something that leaves your teen feeling embarrassed. 

When it comes to washing period underwear, make sure to follow washing instructions closely. If you do not wash them correctly, they will not work effectively. 

Whether you do your teens' laundry, or they do their own, take the time to make sure that they are getting washed correctly. In addition, make sure to grab a wet bag or storage bag to allow your teen to have somewhere to safely and privately store their used and unused period underwear. 

Buy Period Underwear for Teens Today

Are you ready to give period underwear for teens a try? Feel confident as you go about your day as a teen, with AWWA period underwear.

Visit our store for teens today to find period underwear that works for you!

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