AWWA selected to join the 2020 SheEO New Zealand Venture Cohort

Exciting news whanau - AWWA has been selected to join the 2020 SheEO New Zealand Venture Cohort! We're bringing new dimensions to what represents success as female business leaders in Aotearoa.

SheEO – working to change the world through women-led Ventures

Each year in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, SheEO Activators hand select women-owned, women-led Ventures who are working on the ‘World’s To-Do List’ (the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals) through their business model, with new models, new mindsets, and new solutions that benefit humanity.

“In order to get to the new solutions for the world’s most pressing social issues; we need to shed our ‘winner takes all culture’ that has resulted in 8 men having the same wealth as half the planet! 51% of the population are women, yet we receive 2.2% of the capital. This is statistically impossible without massive bias designed into our systems and structures.” - Vicki Saunders, Founder of SheEO

To date, 68 Ventures have been selected, with over $5M loaned by SheEO Activators. The Ventures successfully selected receive coaching, profile within the network, feature at the SheEO Summit, and a 0%-interest loan which is paid back over five years, reinvested into the fund, and loaned out again to support new Ventures.

AWWA - changing lives 

Created to empower women while following ethical, sustainable manufacture processes AWWA have literally changed the lives of many women in New Zealand by providing a new, sustainable, affordable way to manage periods that also helps combat period poverty.

AWWA period proof underwear provides a sustainable alternative to all other menstrual products and revolutionises period management. A new breed of entrepreneurial power couple, friends and business partners Michele Wilson and Kylie Matthews created the AWWA brand in 2018 while each woman was still leading their own award-winning start up business. After wildly exceeding their crowdfunding goals, AWWA swiftly grew to a size where Michele and Kylie chose to sell their initial creations; natural skincare brand Frankie Apothecary and re-usable packaging business Kai Carrier

These are women working together, to build a new world.

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