A Fatty in a G-String

“They should NOT be wearing that!”

I can’t remember the first time I heard someone say those words. I must have been very young. It’s often whispered behind a hand. Then eyes widen and the rest of the group whiplashes to the passing stranger, frowning in agreement. This comment usually follows: “Some people can wear things like that. But not them.”

As I grew up it became clear to me that some clothes were only allowed on some bodies. Sleeveless tops? If you have Madonna’s arms. Short shorts? Thigh gap holders only please. Bikini? Washboard abs. Stripes should never be worn horizontally. White is for the brave of heart and tiny of body. Mum tum, muffin top, saddlebags, Dad bod, bingo wings, cankles, thunder thighs, pot belly, love handles or tuckshop lady arms? Cover! It! Up! If in doubt just wear black from head to toe and only come out at night. 

If you look up “g-string” in the Urban Dictionary this is the definition and example sentence:

“Underwear in which the rear portion is a string worn between the butt cheeks, providing minimal coverage, maximum ass exposure. It should be a crime to manufacture G-strings larger than a size 8.”


It’s accepted that some clothes are simply not allowed. Inference: some bodies are not allowed. 

It’s true that things have changed. A bit. 

This week I saw someone wearing leggings with gathering in the rear to accentuate peachiness. A round, generous bum is no longer something to avoid. Nowadays if asked “Does my butt look big in this?” the asker might be hoping for a “yes”. But does this mean that society has given us freedom to wear what we want? Or does it just mean that the goal posts have shifted? Are fat bums okay or only certain kinds of fat bums? Does it mean that we are more accepting of different bodies or have we just changed our views on the ideal ones? 

I wear a size 18, sometimes a 20. When I shop for clothes, the choices are endless. Then I hit the “filter by size” option. Suddenly 90% of choices vanish. Usually, I am left with a couple of options: something in black or a bold tropical print because everyone who wears plus-size clothing is obsessed with hibiscus flowers apparently. The message is clear – “I should not be wearing that*” (*That meaning 90% of things)

While they might call themselves “size inclusive” very few brands stock all of their styles in all of their sizes. AWWA is one of the few that actually do. AWWA wearers come in all sizes and genders. If you wear plus-size and fancy a g-string / thong / g-banger / whale tail / bum floss which will also support you on your ikura then AWWA is the place to go. And get this: you can even get one in ruby red! Or green! 

You get to choose what you should or shouldn’t wear. Instead of following old, meaningless rules or hiding my body away I am trying to discover what I actually enjoy wearing. What is comfortable? What makes me feel good? What makes me smile? What helps me feel sexy? What works for me? It’s an exploration and a journey; I’m learning. Because the only rules you really need are the ones you make for your own pleasure and ease. The ones that opt out of shame, pain, guilt or going unseen. People can wear whatever they bloody well like - including you. 

Words by Hannah Tunnicliffe

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