5 reasons why AWWA will be your best friend these holidays.

We wait all year for the summer holidays to come. Everything that we have been dreaming of is upon us. Music festivals, NY Festivals, camping, boating, hiking, surfing, fishing the list of dreamy adventures that we will all be enjoying this summer is upon us at last and what a bloody year we have had of it!

How unfair then is it that we must partake in these adventures with bulky pads and uncomfortable bleach filled tampons in tow. What if we get wet or if we are camping - where do we put these used single use items?

AWWA is your best mate this summer. I have holidayed in Samoa and Sri Lanka during my period with absolutely zero uncomfort and 100% ease. Why? Because I literally changed nothing about my day other than the undies I wore. On both trips I packed enough to last my whole period without needing to wash. When it was time for me to change, I just rinsed them in the shower and put them in a laundry bag in my suitcase. I threw the whole laundry bag in the washing machine when I got home - too bloody easy!

They’’re anti microbial - so they wont stink!

Unlike pads, AWWA period underwear have a built in anti microbial layer - so noone will know I even have my period, even with the same pair of AWWA on the entire day!

They’re discreet

No one has to know you’re on your period because you’re not carrying a bright box of tampons or rustly plastic pads. Plus, when I am on holiday, I like to pack and wear all of my fave things and my period wear is no exception - AWWA makes me feel fabulous!

Take AWWA camping

No other period care is as perfect for enjoying the great outdoors as our period proof underwear! No waste, no fiddly mess, no stress. Just eco friendly wash and wear reusable period pants that go the distance when you've headed into the wild. Sleep in them, hike in them, cook snags on the BBQ in them. You'll forget that you even have your period and be able to relax into the beauty of nature!

Slip on an AWWA bikini for swimming

No sitting on the sidelines for you sister! Step into that pool, dive into that ocean, tip toe into that icy freshwater stream. We've got you back with period proof swimwear that flatters every form (not that you need it!) and provides leak-proof period protection while you lounge on the sand, frolic in the waves or explore the beach.

Pack AWWA for your road trip

No nasty road-side bathroom stops, no awkward tucking the tampon into the motel bin or worrying about leaking on your friend's white sheets. AWWA period proof underwear makes travel a breeze, with highly sophisticated - but ridiculously simple to use - 'slip on and go' technology! Pack a 3 pack, and hit the road!


Images supplied by Loren Honey


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