5 Reasons to Shop Small

Shopping from a small business means contributing to a community that shares your values. When you buy period underwear from AWWA, you’re helping to grow a community of people who are decolonising their periods, making informed decisions about how they choose to manage their periods, tackling period poverty, promoting period equality, and so much more. Small businesses are more than just their products: they are the ideas, values and kaupapa of the business and its community.

Quality products. Unlike big businesses that sell a wide range of products, small businesses often focus on a handful of unique, quality products. This means that you’re buying something that has been well thought-out, well designed and made to last.

Creativity. Small businesses are run by people who are working hard to make innovative, exciting products. Unlike big businesses, which may base their decisions around profits and popular products, small businesses often come about because someone sees a gap in the market that needs to be filled – and so they take the risk to fill that gap themselves. Buying from a small business means supporting the creativity that it takes to dream up the products that make our lives that little bit better.

Better customer service. With a small business like AWWA, you’re dealing with real people who are invested in the business. From the person answering your questions online to the person packaging up your purchase, everyone is seeking to provide you with hands-on, quality customer service.

Encouraging. Seeing the success of one small business in the community can encourage other budding entrepreneurs to make the jump and start up a business of their own. Seeing a small business like AWWA carve out an important space in the market shows us all what a successful business can look like. When we see small businesses thriving, we can be encouraged to follow our own dreams and finally start up that business that we can’t stop talking about!

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