5 reasons to fall in love with ‘AWWA All Day’ period underwear

 We all love reliability – reliable partners, reliable friends, reliable internet! AWWA All Day period underwear 100% delivers on reliability; is environmentally sound; and takes exceptional care of you. We designed the new AWWA All Day styles to make life less complicated, and more fun for people with periods.


Girl, you can go skydiving in these period knickers. Scream all you like as you plummet toward the earth; AWWA All Days have you covered. Period underwear that captures an entire day’s worth of flow (5 regular pads of tampons worth) means you can get out and do what you love - snow boarding, kayaking, horse riding, motocross riding, hiking… and even jump on the trampoline with the kids with no fear of gravity leaks. When you’re ready to take on the world, the last thing you want to worry about is your period.

CAREER (and school) READY

Boardroom presentations or high school exams are a breeze when you’re not wondering how long your ‘tampon and pad combo’ extra-safe-just-in-case period protection will last. You can concentrate on your mahi or applying the Pythagoras theorem

Let’s take one factor off the table for our rangatahi as they navigate the turbulent rapids of academic success, embracing womanhood, first love and fluctuating hormones. Early periods are often more unpredictable and young girls can be really stressed by the uncertainty. AWWA All Day provide extra absorbency and certainty - so our girls can get on with being awesome.


If the ‘average daily flow’ is a meaningless statistic to you and real life is more like a ruby waterfall, AWWA All Day are your go-to period underwear. An average period is 80mls for an entire cycle; and a single pair of AWWA All Day knickers will hold 30mls of flow.

We’re talking large safety margins for daily use, even on high flow days - and absolutely next-level, futuristic ultra-absorbency. You can plan your entire day without factoring in the logistics of getting to a clean bathroom every couple of hours.


Instead of 16,000 single use period products (plus plastic packaging) used throughout each woman’s menstruating years, swapping to period underwear means we can slash, or completely eliminate that waste.

Because to be honest, the actual rubbish is the least of the damage that period products do to our planet. The chemicals used and pollution emitted in plastic production, pesticide use in cotton growing, energy consumption and toxins (like dioxin) used in period product manufacture and the carbon miles for transport take a way heavier toll on the environment.

Re-usable period care is kind to the earth, as well as toxin free and gentle on your body.


Our All Day models are available in the Classic Brief or the slightly higher waisted Organic Cotton period underwear styles that took Aotearoa by storm… just with lots of extra absorbency built in, for day long comfort and care.

Pop over to our online shop to mix and match the perfect bundle, or choose the Cycle Saver Set that suits your lifestyle… and your flowstyle!

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