Personalise your period - Save 10% on AWWA Bundles

Choose any 5 pairs of period underwear & save 10%!

You can combine styles for different days, choose different colours, or shop for you and your teen daughter.
You can buy a 5 pack, or mix and match period underwear sizes and styles and add in a bikini - you will save 10% on them all.

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You will earn points on your order - but you can't spend reward points on these bundles.


What's YOUR style?

Our period underwear has slim layers that hold 2 tampons' flow

Easy does it - light flow throughout:  3 Pack Original Briefs or Cottons, rinse and wash
Classic - moderate flow, with two heavier days:  2 pairs Skye High plus Original Brief or Cotton brief 3 Pack
Balancing act - Heavy flow or hormonal imbalance:  Bundle of 5 in any styles, maybe add a 3 Pack for back up.


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Eva Hipster Period Brief

From  $31.00

Skye High Period Brief

From  $32.00

Cotton Basic Period Brief

From  $28.00

Frankie Bikini Leak Resistant Brief

From  $23.00

Swim Recycled Period Proof Hi-Waist Bottoms


Teen Eva Period Undies

From  $31.00

Swim Period Proof Two-Piece Bikini


Teen Cotton Basic Period Brief

From  $28.00

Teen Cotton Colours Period Undies

From  $28.00